How do I download an image?

Click on the image you want to enlarge it to full size (most images are actually larger than I have displayed them on the site).  Then right-click on the image and save it to your own computer.  That's it!

Can I get the image smaller (or larger)?

You can resize the image after you save it, to the size that you need.  I upload my images in high resolution and nice sizes close to card size.  They should print nicely "as is" but they will also do well smaller for jewelry, tiles, etc., or whatever you need.  Due to their resolution you can also enlarge them!

How do I search for images on your site?

There is a "Search This Blog" box in the right sidebar under my badge.  You can also use the LABELS that are at the bottom of each page to search (click on a label to see images in that category).  In the right-hand sidebar there is a "Popular Posts" box which might be helpful, and a Blog Archive.  If none of this helps, feel free to email me at wolfgirlemily@yahoo.com.

How may I use these images?

I offer these images from my collection with an "Angel Policy" for personal non-commercial use.  You are free to use them for personal crafts projects and art works, with only one requirement:  All I ask is that if your card or other creation is displayed or published on a blog, in a magazine, on etsy, etc., credit Emily's Image Garden for the image.  Please include a link back to this blog if possible.  Thank you for respecting my work and creativity in collecting, altering, and offering these images!

To the best of my knowledge, all are either public domain images, derivative works created and copyrighted by me, or images used with permission of the copyright owner, and suitable for personal non-commercial use.  Also see my TOU (Terms of Use) page at the link above.

Most of them I can make available for professional or commercial use as well, if you email me for permission and in some cases payment of a small licensing fee. :-)

Is it possible to share pictures of what I've created with Emily images?

Yes!  If you email me a photo or scan of what you've created, I would love to share it on my Pinterest Customer Gallery!

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